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The WV Memorial Tunnel Complex, located near Standard, WV is uniquely suited as a multipurpose exercise facility. This facility is designed to meet hands on training requirements for emergency responder organization training.

The tunnel’s physical configuration enhances experience at the individual, unit, and multi-organization/agency level. It serves as a valuable asset in preparing response teams to meet future threats and challenges. The tunnel is ideal for consequence and crisis management emergency response exercises and provides a realistic environment where emergency response teams can readily practice their techniques in mitigating the effects of a WMD incident.

The tunnel currently has ten scenario venues available. The sets are: Post Blast Rubble Area with hazards and vehicles; Subway Train and Station with Mezzanine; Three WMD laboratories at different levels of sophistication; Highway WMD HAZMAT incident that can be configured with a wide variety of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological sources; Caves and a Bunker complex; Confined Space Emergency Egress Trainer; Tactical Trainer; Mountain Hideout; and Aircraft Fuselage.

Each of these scenario venues can be modified to fit your organization’s training/experience objectives. The Complex is an ideal location for joint training for special events and has over 10,000 acres of semi-wilderness area surrounding the tunnel that can be used for training purposes.

With the wide variety of requirements Response Teams must meet, the Memorial Tunnel Complex is the ideal multipurpose facility to meet most of those requirements. Once an organization decides to utilize the complex, a series of planning conferences are scheduled to determine requirements and exercise objectives. The complex staff will then develop, coordinate, and facilitate a unique exercise for the organization or assist the organization to conduct its own training.

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